First we visit your property and understand the site specific requirements. Then we can very quickly tailor an appropriate cleaning program based on a planned maintenance regime supplemented with periodical specified cleaning if necessary.

Whilst preparing the detailed program for your site we take into account your budget and the standard of presentation you require. We provide you with a proposal that covers all elements of the service Synergy will provide, including account supervision, staffing levels, equipment, cleaning tasks and frequencies.

From the moment you award Synergy Cleaning a contract we begin our transition program by selecting the most appropriate personnel and equipment for your site. We also train all team members involved to best deliver the required level of presentation.


Our trained and experienced Area Managers will conduct site specific risk assessment to ensure our employees have a clear working instructions for carrying out duties which may pose a risk to either themselves or their working environment.

Any identified risk is assessed accordingly and processes are documented and kept on site to reduce risk of injury / illness in the workplace. Regular inspection and audits are carried out by personnel from our management team to ensure these policies and processes are being followed.


Like any relationship, communication is the key!

Client expectations change from time to time, so in order to deliver the best possible service to our clients we recommend regular meetings to understand your level of satisfaction with the cleaning program.

For Clients that do not have an onsite presence, or for properties where cleaning is generally undertaken after hours, we have a “Communication Book”. This book is an effective tool used to convey MESSAGES BETWEEN Synergy Cleaning and the client and contains site specific requirements, safe work method statements, emergency procedures and other documentation integral to the property operations.


In the event of any non-conformance, incident or complaint, our National Compliance Manager will complete a Corrective/Preventative Action Report. This report documents the investigation and close out process which identifies the cause of the incident, remedial action to be taken within certain timeframes and relevant working instructions/ company policies and procedures to be updated if necessary. This procedure is carried out to minimise the risk of re-occurrence.